Guideline on Business Integrity

This Corporate Guideline serves the purpose to provide guidance in regards of business integrity for all employees of the XELESS Group, regardless of their specific role, responsibility or location in the world. The Guideline is a central and integral piece of our XELESS culture. It explains our Guiding Principles and why our values must not be subject to negotiation. It manifests our standard of how we respect laws and regulations and how we commit to integrity and ethical behavior. These Guiding Principles are the platform we build our business success on.

The Guiding Principles are the essential and inviolable commandments which stipulate what we demand of ourselves within XELESS and pledge to those outside the company. They characterize what expectations we must meet when approaching or being approached by third parties outside the company and when interacting with others inside. The Code of Conduct represents so to speak the implementary regulations and exemplifies what the commandments mean in everyday’s work. It explains their practical impact and makes them tangible.

Being part of the XELESS Group and sharing its identity requires that each and every individual accept responsibility. Every one of us should know that a single incident of misbehavior can ruin not only our success, but also the standing that our company has built through the continued commitment of our people day by day. We have to conform to behavioral standards. Defiance and violation of our Guiding Principles will not be tolerated.

You can download our “Guideline on Business Integrity” here: